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Holiday Travel Packing Tips

As the biggest holiday of the year approaches and you prepare to travel, you’ve made sure everything is squared away with your insurance providers, you’ve reviewed our tips for staying safe, but you forgot about the stress of packing for that trip. Hegarty-Haynes has got your back with these packing tips!

Roll Your Clothes

If you’re one of those people that is an avid over-packer, rolling your clothes is an excellent way to avoid this because it forces you to plan what you’re going to wear each day in advance. Layout all the clothes you want to take and roll them together. You’ll have more room in that suitcase and will save time during your trip – just grab an outfit and get dressed – so you can do more sightseeing.

Straws for Your Toiletries

If you’re flying like a good chunk of the US population, make sure that any of your products going in your carry-on follow TSA’s liquid’s rule. If you don’t have a quality set of travel containers, regular drinking straws work just as well. Seal the ends and label them with tape.

Wear Bulky Clothes and Shoes

No matter how you’re traveling, wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes during the journey to save room in your bag. Your boots will take more time to get on and off while going through security, but they also take up a large portion of space in your suitcase. Throw a pair of comfortable shoes into your carry-on and put coats and boots in the overhead bin. 

Pack Shoes and Weird Shaped Items First

Pack your shoes first to ensure the soles won’t get your clothes dirty, and pack items like hairdryers, extra purses, and oddly shaped pieces at the bottom to make things easier. You can pack clothes around these items and not have to worry about how to fit them in later. 

Extra Purses

It’s a pretty universal female trait to take an extra purse when you’re going on holiday, so you have variety. If you’re packing a softer bag, flatten it in your suitcase. If you’re packing something with more structure, pack some of your stuff in it. It’ll become almost a packing cube for extra accessories and toiletries that didn’t fit your travel case. 

Use Cord Organizers

Everyone has cables and chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops that must be packed when traveling, so don’t just throw them into your bag. Make sure to wrap cables gently and store them where they won’t get damaged. Packing all of your tech items in one small bag that you put in your carry-on or suitcase will keep everything organized. 

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