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Protect Your Investment with Homeowners’ Insurance

Whether you are buying or building a home in the Grand Canyon State, protecting your investment by contacting an independent insurance agency in Tempe to obtain homeowners’ insurance is not only be vital, but required by your mortgage lender.

Categorized under personal insurance lines of coverage, this insurance policy provides a combination of property and liability insurance, offering incredible peace of mind. In addition to protecting the residence itself, the policy covers personal property, and although there may be specific limitations on some items, you can request policy endorsements. 

These endorsements can protect damage or loss to items not typically covered under a traditional homeowners’ insurance policy, such as art, jewelry, silverware, and other valuables. The policy will also include personal and medical payments to a specified limit.

Other Types of Personal Lines Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law and is a combination of coverage parts, with the primary component being liability, covering third-party bodily injury and property damage. The policyholder should choose a limit high enough to cover any “worst-case scenario.” It may also cover medical payments in the event of bodily injury, uninsured/underinsured, collision against loss or upset of the vehicle, and comprehensive.

Rental insurance, also known as a tenants’ policy, is available to individuals who rent or lease. It provides homeowners’ insurance benefits such as personal property, liability, and medical coverage but does not cover the building. Like, homeowners’ insurance, a renters’ insurance policy can protect your loved ones and your belongings.

Mobile home insurance, like homeowners, protects the structure and its contents. It also covers damage or loss of appurtenant structures such as detached garages, apartments, sheds, gazebos, etc. Personal liability protection is also included. Many of the same limitations and exclusions of the homeowners’ policy exist with this type.

Recreational vehicle insurance can be purchased to protect your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), motorhome, or watercraft. These insurance policies are written on specialty forms and include liability or direct physical loss. Because of the popularity of ATVs and boats in Arizona, recreational vehicle insurance can provide peace of mind.

Flood coverage protects against property damage or loss caused by flooding. While often considered a precautionary measure, flood coverage may be required by some mortgage lenders if the property is in a designated floodplain and can be purchased through traditional insurance markets or the National Flood Insurance Program. Flood coverage is excluded under all property policies and must be purchased separately.

Contact an Independent Insurance Agency in Tempe

Hegarty-Haynes Insurance understands the importance of providing superior quality insurance solutions and has dedicated our resources to helping Arizonans find excellent coverage at affordable prices. What sets our agency apart from the competition is our commitment to ongoing support and responsiveness backed by years of experience.

Allow us to help you find the best insurance solution for your personal or commercial needs today by contacting us at (480) 820-2297. Our independent insurance agency in Tempe, AZ, is located just south of Highway 60 on Lakeshore Drive.

Receive a complimentary quote and experience the difference today by allowing an independent insurance agency in Tempe to find the best home, auto, life, or business policies for your specific needs. Hegarty-Haynes Insurance can also assist you in bundling auto and home and providing additional information.

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