Summer Road Trip Safety

summer road trip safety tips

Who doesn’t love road trips? Road tripping allows you to venture to areas unknown and meet new people along the way. With falling gas prices and summer sun, this time of year makes the perfect time to buckle up your family, in order to do embark on this one of a kind journey. Just think of the many memories you’ll make. Making it to your destination safely should be your first priority though. Follow these tips from an independent insurance agent to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

Get Your Car Serviced

Regular maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations can go a long way towards preventing breakdowns. It’s also a good idea to stock your car with an emergency roadside kit because you never know what type of car troubles and road conditions you’ll encounter. A fully-stocked emergency roadside kit should include:

  • Cell phone and charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Flash light
  • A first aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Road flares or hazard triangles
  • Jack for changing a tire
  • Basic repair tools and duct tape
  • Nonperishable food and plenty of drinking water
  • Extra windshield washer fluid
  • Maps (or smartphone apps)
  • A change of clothing and some blankets

Plan Your Route in Advance

You know your destination, but you have no idea what the best route is to take to avoid delay, or which route has the most family-friendly pit stops. You’ll save yourself, and your passengers a lot of time and stress if you map out what route you plan on taking well in advance of your departure date. Be sure and tune into to check for possible delays before buckling up. Equally important is to share this information with close family members or friends; just in case.

Err…On the Side of Caution

Opt for safety above all things – remember you’re hauling precious cargo. Schedule frequent breaks along the way to eat, drink, and snap family pictures. There are literally hundreds of things to see and do in the Grand Canyon State alone. If you’re trying to make good time getting to your destination, make sure you and your licensed co-pilot take turns at the wheel. Refrain from tailgating another driver, cutting them off or honking your horn. And, no matter what, always buckle up!

Avoid Getting Hungry

Your energy is zapped, your stomach is rumbling, and you find yourself getting increasingly agitated – and to make matters worse the next exit is miles away. This can, unfortunately, lead to aggressive driving/road rage. Avoid getting hungry altogether by packing enough snacks to last you the entire road trip. Pack healthy foods and drinks (enough for all passengers) such as: energy bars, cheese sticks, nuts, and plenty of H2O. Bring a small cooler if you have to.

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