While You Are Away; How Safe is Your Home?

Whether it is Murphy’s Law of Travel, or just your typical family vacation, the old axiom that states that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong has unfortunately been found to be all too true when homeowners are away on a relaxing vacation – which is arguably the worst possible time.

Coming home from a memorable vacation with the family as it is can often be overwhelming for those that have to go back to school or work in the morning, but coming home only to learn that something went very wrong while you were gone, is the absolute worse feeling in the world.

And, as this wasn’t bad enough, a home that is left barren of residents can be rather tempting to nearby thieves. In fact, according to the FBI Crime Report, 65 percent of all home invasions happen between the hours of 6am and 6pm – which means you don’t even have to be gone for long as it could happen while you’re at work.

Now don’t get me wrong; my intention is not to scare the living daylights out of you; but rather to inform you of the statistics so that you can arm yourself with the knowledge it takes to avoid something terribly wrong happening to your home – as well as you, since your home is a reflection of yourself – while you are away.

Taking the time (it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes at most), to ensure the following preventive measures are accomplished, prior to your departure can work wonders in helping you avoid the pitfalls associated with home invasions, power surges and fire or water damage; among others.

#1 – Ask Your Friends & Family for Help

One of the easiest, yet most important, ways to gain peace of mind when you know you are going to be away is to ask your friends (only those you are very close with)and your family to help you keep a watchful eye on your home. If more than one person will be keeping an eye out, be sure and let all parties know to avoid unnecessary 911 calls.

#2 – Temporarily Stop All Mail and Newspapers

If you are going to be away for any extended period, then it is advisable to either place a temporary stop order on both your mail and newspapers, or ask your friends/family to stop by and pick these materials up. A couple days’ worth of mail and newspapers can signal to thieves that you are gone.

#3 – Leave Your Curtains Alone

When you are home, do you keep your curtains open or closed? Whichever you prefer, is exactly how you should leave them while you are away, as any noticeable changes can very well tip off anyone that may be watching (which is exactly what thieves do) your home just looking for their opportunity to grab the goods.

#4 – Pull the Plug on Appliances

This tip benefits you in two ways – as it helps you to avoid power surges as well as costly energy bills. The Department of Energy recommends that all small appliances including your television, computer and microwave be unplugged when not in use for long periods of time as they all drain electricity; even when not in use.

#5 – Check Those Pipes Out

We recommend that all of our personal insurance policy holders check their pipes for any leaks one or two weeks prior to starting their vacation. Even the smallest leak can manifest into a large one, which can cause your whole home to flood, so it is best to fix small leaks as they are found rather than wait for them to burst.

We want to hear from you – are readers – so please share in the comment section below how you ensure your home remains safe while you are away. Have any questions? Please contact us at (480) 820-2297. We are all always looking out for you!

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