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Rules for Driving Safely Through School Zones

As the first day of school has passed for students in K-12 schools across the Valley, highlighting the importance of using extreme caution when driving through school zones and while commuting with school buses. Here, at Hegarty-Haynes Insurance – an independent insurance agency in Tempe, we want to share some of the state’s laws surrounding school zones and tips for ensuring everyone’s safety.

Arizona’s Driving Laws

Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-797

ARS § 28-797 requires motorists to observe signage indicating that schools are in session and that you should not exceed 15 miles-per-hour, nor should you fail to come to a stop for students and teachers in the crosswalk, “all vehicles shall come to a complete stop at the school crossing when a person occupies the crossing.” The civil penalty of a violation of this section will be doubled when the signs are present, and permanent signs warn of the approach to school crossings (ARS § 28-797).

Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-857

Under ARS § 28-857, you must stop your vehicle before reaching a school bus and remain stopped until it resumes motion or its stop sign, and alternately flashing lights are no longer displayed. This law is in effect whether you are meeting or overtaking a vehicle, regardless of direction, unless you are on separate roadways or a controlled access road. Motorists who disobey this section are subject to various civil penalties, notwithstanding fines and suspension, depending on the violation count.

Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-914

It is illegal for motorists to talk or text using a portable wireless communication or stand-alone electronic device while driving, unless using the device’s hands-free voice-based communication or navigation features, under ARS § 28-914. In addition, the law prohibits holding or supporting electronic devices. Violators are subject to fines ranging from $75 to $149 for a first offense and between $150 and $250 for each subsequent offense.

Additional Ways to Promote Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Safety Council offer many practical safety tips to help everyone, from drivers to parents, ensure the safety of school-aged children and teenagers. These tips apply regardless of the students’ mode of transportation and include:

  • Stop for school buses as required by ARS § 28-857
  • Unload/load students in designated spots only
  • Never pass a vehicle dropping off/picking up
  • Take care to avoid blocking crosswalks
  • Always keep your eyes on the road
  • Always use extreme caution

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