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Choosing Smoke Detectors for Your Home

It’s hard to overstate the importance of having working smoke detectors in your home. They provide an early warning of fire and, by law, are required in every dwelling. They are also a requirement of most home insurance policies. In … Continue reading

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Halloween Prank-Proofing Tips

With Halloween just a few short days away, the streets will soon be filled with Superheroes, Princesses, Zombies, Ghosts, and more looking for treats. Halloween, however, isn’t just for kids or treats. Teenage and, yes even adult, pranksters also fill … Continue reading

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Renters Insurance: Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have It

Home insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance – for most people these insurance policies are considered a necessity. Renters insurance should be too! Insurance policies literally save people from having to face any number of unexpected, and in most cases, life-altering events … Continue reading

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Pool Safety Steps

Pool season officially kicked off on Memorial Day, which led to the opening of many pools, both private and public. People of all ages were seen soaking up Arizona’s sun while staying cool. Seemingly without any worries. What could possibly … Continue reading

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Halloween Spooks & Home Insurance Policies

Halloween Spooks and Your Home Insurance Policies As the air begins to cool and the leaves start changing into vibrant colors and fall from the trees and pumpkins, ready to be turned into jack-o-lanterns, begin dotting neighborhoods across the globe … Continue reading

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While You Are Away; How Safe is Your Home?

Whether it is Murphy’s Law of Travel, or just your typical family vacation, the old axiom that states that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong has unfortunately been found to be all too true when homeowners are … Continue reading

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Get Smart About Insurance Coverage

If you recently purchased, or are considering purchasing, auto or homeowners insurance to protect yourself from life’s little surprises it is important to understand all of your insurance coverage policy’s finer points.  Left without this knowledge, you could possibly looking … Continue reading

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