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Staying Safe During the Holidays

As the holidays come rolling in, insurance providers are reminding people to take some extra precautions to stay safe. Some of you will soon be putting up decorations and buying gifts for loved ones, while others will make travel plans to see family. 

Take some precautionary measures to ensure your safety and that of your family’s. We’ve previously talked about some tips on how to stay safe during the holiday season that we want to reiterate here, along with a few others.

Decorating for the Holidays

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that between 2013 to 2017, U.S. fire departments responded to 940 structural fires per year caused by holiday trees or decorations. 

Choose LED lights that are “UL Listed” because they produce less heat than traditional lights. Also, make sure that your holiday tree is away from all heat sources like fireplaces or portable heaters. 

Those Holiday Meals

According to NFPA, in 2016 alone, there were an estimated 2,090 house fires reported during Thanksgiving. Three-quarters of those reported fires were cooking related. 

It’s critical to stay in your kitchen while cooking and keep flammable items away from cooking areas. Keep pots and pans from getting knocked over by turning handles away from the edge of the counter. Also, unplug small appliances that are not in use. 

Protect Your Holiday Packages

According to an article written for CBS News, “nearly 26 million Americans have reported their holiday packages stolen off their porch.” With the benefit of modern technology, you now have several options to protect your packages from thieves. 

Security cameras are an excellent solution that you can choose. Cameras, like The Ring, stream and record live footage of the area around your front door and notify you of movement. Another possible option is to have your packages sent to a nearby Amazon Locker. 

Check Your Home While Away

If you’re going to be gone during the holidays, at least a week before you leave, you can arrange for your Police Department to check on your home frequently. You should also let your neighbor know that you will be gone so that they can make sure to report any suspicious activity. 

Don’t Post Travel Plans

Another tip that insurance providers might suggest is to keep all travel plans off social media. Thieves use the information you post to know when your home will be empty for the most prolonged period. Even with the highest levels of security on social media, you should never post personal information online. 

Check your Furnace and Chimneys

Before the craziness of the holidays begins, make sure to have your heating-equipment inspected. Also, hire a professional to clean out your air ducts, and sweep your chimney if you have a fireplace. As an added precaution, test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and check their expiration dates. Maybe even give yourself an early gift by installing smart smoke detectors that send you text or email alerts when it detects danger. 

Contact Quality Insurance Providers

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